Kingsland, Texas is often considered as an ideal location to invest in a waterfront property. Situated between Burnet and Llano, this place enjoys amazing weather, has beautiful lakes and also offers tons of amazing things to do to help you have nothing short of a good time here.

Interested in knowing what exactly are those great amazing things? Then keep reading!

1: Perrisos Vineyard and Winery

Wine made from 100% Texas grown fruit? Now who wouldn’t like some of that!

Perrisos boasts a 16-acre vineyard with top class views of…a castle. That’s right. Now you have the chance to forget your worries at home, sip some world-class wine out on the picnic tables instead and just imagine what it would be like living in the castle over there.

Their wine portfolio is both: extensive and impressive and quite frankly, it’s nothing like you have seen anywhere else. The best part is that if you happen to visit Perrisos during the month of July or August, you just might even get the opportunity to stomp on some produce and help make some wine. You would be crazy to miss out such an opportunity.

2: Lighthouse Country Club

Looking for a place to grab a delicious burger from? Lighthouse Country Club is where you should be headed. The ambience and the staff here too are definitely one of the finest in all of Texas Hill Country. While everything else on this place’s menu is almost as delicious as the burger itself, it is not the only thing it has to offer!

Golf enthusiasts are in luck for they can indulge in a good game of golf at the Lighthouse Country Club as well. Established in 1968, this place boasts an 18-hole golf course which is hands down one of the best golf courses around. However, you might have to make a reservation for your tee-time since the course can get crowded. Luckily, the official website of the Lighthouse Country Club offers its guests to make bookings for their tee time online as well. For more information, check this link out.

3: Buddies

Speaking of places to eat, another option for you to check out is Buddies! It is actually more than just a place to eat; it is essentially a convenience store, but a super cool vibe to it. No wonder the locals can’t get enough of this place, whether it is to fill up their tank or devour some chicken tenders.

To really get the best out of the time you spend here, make sure that you really explore the place at length. Regular customers of Buddies are all praises for the quirky little jewelry pieces, adorable greeting cards etc. they have found stored in some far corner of the store. So the bottom line to remember is: when at Buddies, take the time to explore!

4: Get in Touch with Boat Rentals

Kingsland is pretty big on the water activities scene as well. We recommend renting out a Sea-Doo and exploring the lake at length. Trust us when we say that the amount of fun you will have here doing so will be limitless.

Jet skiing on the Highland lakes has its own charm too. In short, if you love to spend time in water as much as on land, you will find yourself very pleased with the variety of things you can do here. Of course, part of your fun depends on the equipment you rent. Luckily, Kingston has lots of great boat rental options for you to consider so it should not be a problem.

5: Llano Slab

Does a day spend lazing about in the sun and water sound like fun to you? If yes, drop everything and head over to Llano Slab right now! It is essentially a stream which is lined by large granite chunks for you to laze around on and just take in some fresh natural air. So whether you are in the mood to get a tan, or go for a dip in the stream or just have a small picnic out in the open, Llano Slab will not disappoint.

6: Aqua Boom

Perhaps, one of Kingsland’s main highlights is Aqua Boom! Independence Day celebrations have never looked better or grander for that matter. From barbeque parties, to a beauty pageant, parades, dances, golf tournaments and more, if there is one place you cannot afford to miss on Independence Day, this is it.

The activities for the main even kick off on June 30th only and lead up all the way to the 4th of July. Check out the official website to know more details about what Aqua Boom has in store for this year’s Independence Day.

Oh, the place also hosts a firework show which will absolutely blow your mind…in a good way of course.

You can probably tell your life at Kingsland, Texas is going to be anything but boring. The best of nature, the best of communities, the best of local activities, and of course, and the best of waterfront properties are all available here. So now you decide if Kingsland is a good place for your waterfront home or not.

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