Who would want to miss a chance to build their dream home by the water in an area that not only has the ideal weather but also offers dozens of fun things to do? Lakefront homes can be a real treat to live in considering all the beauty you are surrounded with around the clock. Now picture your dream lakefront home in a location as amazing as Horseshoe Bay, Texas and you know you are in for a great experience.

With an amazing resort to its name, a stunning lake and several local places to give you all the opportunities in the world to have a good time, let’s have a detailed look into what makes Horseshoe Bay a great waterfront property location.

1: World-class Resort

Located just 6 miles away from Marble Falls, this beautiful place is home to what is often referred to as one of America’s best golf course resorts, the Horseshoe Bay Resort.

You might think that this is just a hyped up statement that somebody’s made up about the resort, but in reality it is nothing but the truth. Other than offering you exceptional golf course grounds to play your rounds at, the resort has a lot more to offer you as well. It is famous for organizing some super interesting events like Birds of the Bay, Balloons over Horseshoe Bay Resort, Cirque-Tacular etc. Most of the events hosted by the resort happen in the months of March and April since the weather of Horseshoe Bay is at its absolute best during these months.

Perhaps for a lot of people, the most outstanding feature about this resort is the number of food options it has onsite.

1: Slick Rock Grill & Bar

Done playing your 9 rounds of golf and now wondering what to do? Head over to the Slick Rock Grill & Bar to chill out a little. The seating arrangement of this place is done in a manner where you get to take in some spectacular views of the golf courses while you enjoy delicious food and drinks. If you are looking for a place in Horseshoe Bay that serves the best burgers, you have just hit the jackpot. They burgers at Slick Rock come with a very high recommendation from the locals.

2: Lantana Grill & Bar

Yet another onsite eatery you can check out is the Lantana Grill & Bar. While the menu at Lantana is pretty awesome, it is the staff and service of this place which is perhaps its #1 reason for its massive fan following. The bartenders in particular are said to be one of the most attentive and friendliest lots in all of Horseshoe Bay.

3: The Yacht Club

You will probably need a reservation to get a table at the resort’s Yacht Club. An extensive menu with awesome selections, a great staff and some stunning views of the golf course as well as the pool area, this is another option for you to consider at the Horseshoe Bay Resort when hunger strikes.

The resort also has a marina, a high-end spa and gym, tennis courts and lots more to keep you happily busy for hours.

2: Festivals not to be Missed

Did you know that Horseshoe Bay also happens to host an award-winning event (has been doing so for the past 5 years) where you get to see the most extensive collection of hot air balloons? Every year following the Easter Weekend the Horseshoe Bay Resort gets busy and hosts this huge event which is attended by more than 8000 people!

Not only do you get to see and photograph beautiful hot air balloons, but the festival also has several fun-filled activities to make it all the more entertaining for you. Still, the prime of the event remains looking over in awe as the glowing hot air balloons make their way over the Hill Country.

Needless to say, it is a sight not to be missed.

3: Spectacular Churches:

The community at Horseshoe Bay firmly believes in keeping in touch with their spiritual side. Their dedication to religion, faith and spirituality is clearly evident in places like the St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Church.

Founded all the way back in 1972, this Church provides some of the most stunning views of the Lake LBJ. Exquisite artwork can be spotted in the building which is definitely going to impress you.  You will also notice the intricate stained glass mosaic windows which are no less than mesmerizing. The favorite artwork at the church, however, remains the life-size bronze sculpture of St. Paul the Apostle.

The locals at Horseshoe Bay mostly come to this church for their mass, but the church has a lot more to offer than just excellent mass services. Children Religious Education, Adult Education, Prayers, Readings and Reflections etc. are just some of the additional facilities offered by the church. You can get to know more about all of them on the Church’s official website.

As you can tell the stunning Horseshoe Bay has all the makings of being the perfect location for your dream lakefront home. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with a real estate service provider which experts in dealing with selling/buying waterfront properties and check out your leads.

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