Owning a piece of property near the lake can be magical. You get to wake up to sunrises, get to witness sunsets that make you feel downright poetic. And let’s not forget the general wave of happiness that washes over you every time you look out of your window and see the calm, serene body of water.

Part of owning a great waterfront home is selecting the right location. Places like Horseshoe Bay, Cottonwood Shores, Marble Falls and the likes are excellent options to choose from. Stunning lakes, tons of fun activities to choose from, amazing places to wine and dine at, each of these locations has something special to offer.

Speaking of something special to offer, Marble Falls has something exclusive about it which makes it really stand out amidst all the other locations. This holds especially true for those who love a bit of mystery surrounding the area they live in.

So, what’s the mystery? Read along to find out

Dead Man’s Hole

If you are familiar with any of the Burnet County lore stories, there is a high chance that you have heard about the super mysterious ‘Dead Man’s Hole.’ As it is, the name itself is pretty much a straight give away that something eerie might be around the corner…or in this case, inside the hole!

The Origin

The hole is said to be seven feet in diameter and 155 feet in depth. It is believed that this cavernous hole was formed by nothing else than the pressure exerted by all the natural gas that is trapped inside the earth.

The site was actually first discovered by a famous entomologist Ferdinand Leuders. The year was 1821 and at that time the hole was pretty much like any other hole: just a deep dark pit of nothingness. (even this sounds creepy!)

The Actual Trouble

So when and how did a seemingly innocent deep dark hole of nothingness become so notorious?

It goes all the way back to the Civil War when the Rapid Confederate Supporters a.k.a fire eaters used this hole as the dumping ground for more than 30 Unionists! As you can probably tell, you have one place which once had more than 30 dead bodies in it…there is bound to be some level of creepiness associated with it.

But why did the Fire Eaters toss them into the hole anyway?

Well, history tells us that there were several Union supporters who came to Texas Hill Country because of some major one-sided voting drama that went on in Burnet County. They thought that escaping to Hill Country would be a good idea to escape all of this.

This decision of theirs ended up costing them their lives for when they arrived in Burnet County with hopes of seeking refuge there; they were met by a radical group of people who did not even wait for a second to do away with anybody who was against the Confederate beliefs.

Aptly named, they became famous as the “Fire Eaters.” And while the Fire Eaters were very secretive about their hunting and eventually killing off their enemies, everyone knew that crossing paths with them meant nothing but doom; everyone except the 30 or so Union supporters who were caught and disposed of by the Fire Eaters into the Dead Man’s Hole.

The Dead Man’s Hole in the Present

While the Civil War happened a long time back, the mysterious cave like place still manages to induce a sense of uneasiness in those who visit it. Speaking of visiting it, if you ever happen to go to Marble Falls specifically looking for the Dead Man’s Hole, you should be warned that it is going to be a little difficult finding it. Despite being no less than a historical site, Dead Man’s Hole has no signs leading up to it. So you are pretty much on your own.

However, if and when you are on the right track you will find it smack dab in the middle of the field, a cave like structure that is sealed shut.

The fact that the site is sealed shut and nobody knows what lies behind it makes it even creepier for us!

Unanimously people agree that Dead Man’s Hole in Marble Falls is definitely a creepy site. Still there are a few who are not that easily scared of any shut hole. According to them, it actually is a nice little place for a drive!

Either way, this is one historical site that you should totally check out even if you do not encounter any Union supporter ghost hanging around. It is highly unlikely that you would encounter a ghost or any supernatural activity since nobody has any documented proof of the site being haunted.

Still, it is an entertaining notion to think that someday something just might come up, or out from the Dead Man’s Hole and make our wildest, spookiest speculations regarding this place true!

Amazing Waterfront Location

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